Loneliness – MH Sunday 2023

During the sermon slot in the 0930 service on 5th February 2023 Preb Dr Peter Speck and Rev Sally Womersley focused on the topic of Loneliness, which we had taken as our theme for this, the Abbey’s 15th Mental Health Sunday service.

Peter explored the differences between ‘loneliness’ and ‘being alone’ – and discussed how what for one person might be loneliness with a possible negative feeling, might be the opposite for another person who has chosen to keep their own company and wishes to be alone. There are, of course, many reasons why individuals may be alone, and why people feel lonely. And this might also occur at any time from childhood to adulthood, through all ages and life stages. Sally asked whether there was a link between loneliness and poor mental health. Peter responded that this could be the case and if you are suffering with poor mental health then loneliness or being alone could exacerbate your illness.

The bulletin this week listed a number of local organisations across a wider area and this list is also on the Triangulate stand by the South Door. The theme of Loneliness was carried throughout the day at the Vine service and Compline at Nine online.

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