Yarn bombing – Romsey Festival 2017

As part of the 2017 Romsey Festival, the bollards in Romsey were yarnbombed and one of the many colourful yarn creations was produced to promote Triangulate.

The Triangulate tree design bollard cover has been knitted, crocheted and needle-felted by Rachel Brenton, Diane Kingston and Helen Griffith. The bollard cover, which features an array of colourful flowers and butterflies, and a bird nesting on top, is full of symbolism.

There are triangles on the trunk representing Triangulate, a pair of arms forms a hug around the trunk to highlight the need to look after ourselves and others and the tree itself represents the Tree of Life Café in Romsey (which runs on a Monday afternoon upstairs in Café Nero, from 3-5pm). The bird on her eggs represents the need for us all to care and nurture those around us, flowers symbolise how we can bloom when given the opportunity and butterflies reflect new life growing and blossoming from old.

Huge thanks to Rachel, Diane and Helen – a lovely addition to Romsey Festival 2017 activities.


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