Latest employer meeting

Employers attending Triangulate’s latest Employer meeting heard about mechanisms now in place to help support employees, who may be suffering from stress and mental health problems, remain in work. Two members of the local ‘italk’ team came along to explain to attendees about the range of talking therapies which are available to local people – either through contact from their GP or by self-referral. Katie Gibbons (supervisory psychological wellbeing practitioner) explained what happens when an individual makes contact with the service and how the therapies are delivered. Ian Smith (employment advisor) explained how he works with employers and individuals to ensure people can stay in work wherever possible.

This meeting followed on from the Abbey’s fourth Annual Mental Health Sunday service which also focused on the how employers and employees can make improvements within their workplaces. Two employers explained why they are signatories to the Mindful Employer charter and how it is a visible sign of their commitment to ensuring their workplaces are healthy environments for everyone. This was followed by employees explaining how good communication is a major contributor to mental wellbeing in the workplace. If staff are able to communicate with their managers there is more likely to be a positive approach to understanding the difficulties being faced, which in turn leads to a breakdown in stigma and discrimination and a more productive output for everyone.

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